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Unlike other firms, our support doesn't end after a hire.


What Sets Us Apart

Research shows again and again that the first 90 days in any role are pivotal to a new hire's long-term success. REVEL90™ is a program designed to help accelerate growth, achieve early wins, and make transitions smoother for all parties involved.

How We Help Organizations Build Leaders

We stand by our values of connection, empowerment, and delivering exceptional results. Partnering with REVEL COACH allows us to prepare New Hires for leadership roles like never before.

Executive Coaching

Includes targeted skill development, resilience and confidence-building exercises, and leadership development.



Includes 360-degree feedback from key stakeholders, alignment and integration exercises, and live team sessions.

Leadership Resources

Our dedication to talent development incorporates cutting-edge technology. With Cloverleaf™ as our tool, automated coaching enhances leadership impact and results.

Community Support

Includes workshops, masterminds, pop-up events, and access to REVEL COACH Mentors so New Hires know they're not alone.

REVEL90™ Outcomes

01. Faster Adaptation

The comprehensive orientation, stakeholder introductions, and focused coaching accelerate the executive's understanding of the company's culture and expectations, leading to a smoother transition.

02. Clearer Goals & Strategies 

The goal-setting session and strategic planning workshops help the executive gain clarity on priorities and make informed decisions aligned with the company's vision.

03. Enhanced Leadership Skills

Targeted coaching and skill development workshops foster essential leadership competencies, boosting the executive's confidence and ability to inspire high performance.

04. Increased Confidence and Resilience

Resilience-building coaching equips the executive to tackle challenges with confidence, fostering a resilient mindset and focus on driving positive outcomes. 

05. Stronger Stakeholder Relationships

Personalized coaching aids in building strong connections with stakeholders, enhancing trust, collaboration, and team dynamics, ultimately contributing to the organization's overall success.

Calm Sea

The best part?

There's no additional cost if your organization decides to opt into our program.

Your success is our top priority and REVEL90™ is our way of supporting you.

What clients are saying about REVEL90™...

REVEL's onboarding program isn't just a program; it's a confidence booster and a team builder rolled into one. I can't help but smile when I hear how REVEL is making our new hires more confident and securing results faster.

Brandy Livezey, VP of Human Resources


Our new hire success is a top priority, and REVEL's program is a game-changer. It fosters results, goal setting, and confidence, creating a safe space for questions and growth. REVEL goes above and beyond our expectations, setting a new standard for onboarding success.

Joanne Loiseau, L&D Manager


A Peek Into Our Process

This game-changing tool is built for Leadership, Communication, and Teamwork and we leverage its insights in our REVEL90™ process. With over 10+ popular career & personality assessments, including Enneagram, DiSC, and 16 Types, you and your team can generate deeper breakthroughs of self-growth and awareness. If you're curious and want to level up your team, you can try it out (on us!).

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